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SEO, or search engine optimization, is an ever-expanding field rife with misconceptions. At its heart, it’s a simple question. How do we achieve high-ranking websites within the context of the modern Internet. In days past, there was talk of white hats versus black hats. While that discussion is far from the scope of this blog post, most will agree that the “wild west” days of the net are behind us, and that’s a good thing. As search engines matured, they began serving more relevant and higher quality websites. Black hat techniques became less effective as time passed and algorithmic intelligence increased.

These days, good SEO is largely synonymous with a good user experience. That is to say, serve good content, mobile optimized, relevant and with a good user experience. Do this, and your rankings will absolutely improve! We’ll have more to say on this in future posts as we drill down deeper into each of these segments.

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